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Impressive 5plex 2 steps from Wellington promenade and the Metro. First floor is very spacious (1800pc), occupied by the same tenant since 2009 who is running a familial daycare. Unfinished basement of 7 feet, 7 outdoor parking. Great investment in a desired location !
Mile-End! Extremely sunny condo with a great layout. An ideal purchase for a first time buyer. The kitchen, bathroom and windows are renovated. This condo still has the charm of its period with a slight touch of the modern. Located next to schools, daycares, shoppping, bike paths.
Mile-End! Own for $860/month. Ideal pied à terre, for student or first time buyer. 100% renovated in 2010 while at the sametime maintaining much of its historical charm. The master bedroom is largte with pleny of storage space. Situated in a very effervescent neighbourhood. Undivided condo, a therefore 20% cash down is necessary. Come and visit!
Mile-End. Perfect location,with an annual revenu of 83 364$/year A building that has maintained the original charm of its era. The ground floor is 1400sf with ceilings of 11ft, all within a loft concept. The residential floors are spacious and easy to rent. All the tenents are stable, making this property an excellent investment.